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Jai Graphics is a summation of twenty-five years of unmatchable experience and unparalleled excellence in the glorifying world of Offline Marketing,



Armed with 20 years of experience in both online and offline marketing solutions, Jai Graphics is pleased to offer their complete line of services to clients in any field. We understand the core principles of marketing and implement them to obtain the best results. We aim to gain complete understanding of our esteemed clients’ needs and work dedicatedly towards achieving their goals. 


We also have a fully installed in house printing unit that helps us create attractive signs, posters and banners for our marketing activities. This helps us create a buzz around brands, thus increasing business. We also assist our clients with all their stationery needs. Below are some of the services we offer. 

Bulk SMS

With the help of SMS services, business owners can directly communicate with their customers and provide information about their brand. Most clients do not appreciate being invaded by pesky SMS’, thus Jai Graphic will assist you in creating a short and precise message which will get your point across with minimal trouble.


In order to create maximum buzz, Public Relations plays an integral role. PR is the link between a brand and the media that help it gain traction. Thus, having an effective PR team will ensure higher reach. Jai Graphics undertakes all PR activities from ideation to planning and execution. With a high follow up policy, Jai Graphics aims for maximum coverage


In order to attain maximum footfalls, an event or exhibition requires publicity. Due to the saturated nature of the market, it is easy for events or exhibitions to go unnoticed. Jai Graphics has extensive experience in creating cutting edge branding and signage solutions which guarantees numerous eyeballs..


Thanks to the sheer size and scale of outdoor marketing, it is a preferred method for marketing large scale events. We have years of experience in printing high quality posters and signs that showcase your brand prominently. With colourful graphics and strategic placement, Jai Graphic’s is the ideal choice for outdoor marketing solutions.

Stall Fabrication & Standee

Expert in stall fabrication, you can be assured of best quality fabrics at Jai Graphics.  &  For large scale events, standees are a favourable design feature. You can create attractive standees to enliven your event with the help of Jai Graphic’s standee collection. 


Certain brands and events require special setups for their promotions. For example kiosks in malls or other public spaces need to be set up for marketing purposes. We are happy to help you in this endeavor. 


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